Work Healthy Champions

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What is Work Healthy? A healthy workforce is a productive workforce!

Work Healthy is a vibrant initiative, spearheaded by the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and Genworth, that will provide resources, information and health challenges for organizations and their employees. By making resources available that assist businesses in implementing policy, system, environmental and communications enhancements, we ensure the region’s workforce is the strongest and healthiest it can be.

Who is Work Healthy?
The Work Healthy coalition is comprised of regional business leaders who have created this campaign to encourage healthy business, workforce and community. Ultimately, we aim for Work Healthy to be you…the individual who desires to improve your personal health. Or, the organization who desires to implement or improve the wellness activities in your workplace.

Resources for Organizations:
Wondering how you can fit exercise in at work?  
Well, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has created a great resource to help you get started.  Check it out here.

Healthy Vending Options for Central VA!  Check out the Get Smart section on the right for details!

Take the Stairs!   Here’s an easy way to promote health in your workplace.   We’re providing you with a “Take the Stairs” flyer you can post outside and inside of elevators to encourage taking steps versus riding the elevator.  Why?   Studies show that this simple behavior change promotes health and helps the environment.  So, print and promote!

Calories burned via stairs?  You betcha!   Promote stairs with this “Stairmaster” flyer!

Curious about what companies are already doing in our region?   Check out the Get Smart section on the right.


Why Work Healthy?
According to the  report issued by the Partnership for Prevention and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight or obese! Yet with a sustained reduction in body weight of 10%, individuals can gain significant health improvements.1 You and your employees will win! Studies2 show that companies with worksite health promotions programs lower:

  • sick leave absenteeism by 27%
  • health care costs by 26%
  • workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs by 32%

And for every $1 invested in wellness, companies save $5.81.

  1. “Healthy Workforce – 2012 and Beyond” report issued by the Partnership for Prevention and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  2. Findings from 56 workplace studies indicate these average reductions (“Healthy Workforce – 2012 and Beyond”)