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This website is just one piece of the Live Healthy Lynchburg movement. Click ABOUT US to learn more.  We are glad you are here to learn more about how to live healthy in our community!  Click on the tabs above for more information about all the wonderful local resources Lynchburg has for healthy choices at home, school, work, church, and everywhere in our community.   Click on the CHALLENGES button to find out about our fitness challenges to inspire your healthy lifestyle. 


Showing Breastfeeding Mothers the Love!

images_12_2Did you know that breastmilk helps prevent asthma? diabetes? SIDS? leukemia? life-threatening illness in the newborn period?  But the benefits are not limited to the babies. Formula-feeding mothers have higher rates of breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes, and postpartum depression.  Centra Health Virginia Baptist Hospital has put tremendous effort into improving support for breastfeeding during the first days in the hospital.  Over the past 5 years, they have gone from 60% of mothers meeting their goal to breastfeed to >90% breastfeeding at discharge, and are now poised to be certified as a Baby Friendly Hospital (only the 3rd in the commonwealth!). 

IMG_7124Live Healthy Lynchburg wants to help support breastfeeding families after they leave the hospital.  If we see breastfeeding as a public health issue (like wearing seatbelts) instead of lifestyle choice (like wearing jewelry), it becomes the responsibility of our whole community, not just of parents, to provide the necessary support for every mother and baby to succeed. Various communities around the world have shown that something as simple as a sticker can help reassure parents, improve breastfeeding rates (and therefore overall health!).  Our sticker was developed with the Central Virginia Health District to help our community.  Local businesses that display this sticker may even see an increase in customers!  Participating businesses are listed at www.BFintheBurg.wordpress.com

60 stickers posted so far! Can we make it to 100 by next week?!

Interested in a sticker for your business? Contact us at livehealthylynchburgMD@gmail.com.  Our goal is to post 500 stickers before Mother's Day! More questions? - check out this post on feeding babies.

Strive for Five starts April 1st!

SF5-logo-w-tagHow much time do you spend driving to and from work?  How much time doing and putting away laundry? Can you spare 30 minutes a day for for your health?  Research shows that 30 minutes a day for five days a week is enough to make a positive impact on your health! 

Our third annual Strive for 5 challenge starts next week.  We are hoping to inspire you to get 30 minutes of activity (any kind of activity!) for as many days as possible between April 1st and June 10th!  Registration opens Monday March 30th. 

Anyone who lives in or works for an organization located in Region 2000 (Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Campbell, Lynchburg) is invited to register so that you can use our online tool, appropriately named the Challenge, to enter and track  daily activity.   Take the time to strive for 5.  You're worth it!

Wellness classes

cookIn a typical family with a busy schedule, young children, teenagers, and adults can all struggle to make healthy food choices.  Good news!  Lynchburg Dept of Parks and Recreation offers classes for the whole family to stay healthy! Most nutrition classes are FREE. Online registration is available HERE


Medical Concerns

Lack of exercise leads to life-threatening diseases including diabetes, heart disease, as well as breast and colon cancer.  A new study from a medical journal announced last week that, worldwide, nearly 30% of adults and 80% of children aren't getting enough exercise. Researchers found, the problem is worse for girls and women, who tend to be less active than boys and men.  The results are that 10% of all deaths are due to lack of exercise, this number is equal to the number of deaths due to smoking.

Need a life saver? Have you heard of Strive for Five? Active walking for 30 minutes five times a week can make a huge impact.  If just 25% adults who don't exercise would start, we could prevent more than 1.3 million deaths per year worldwide. Just start by putting one foot in front of the other.

Obesity makes it much more likely that you will develop a number of health problems. Hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression, eating disorders, and diabetes can all be serious complications of obesity. The best treatment for all these issues is weight loss. If you have certain symptoms, you need to notify your doctor.  Click here for more information.

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