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This website is just one piece of the Live Healthy Lynchburg movement. Click ABOUT US to learn more.  We are glad you are here to learn more about how to live healthy in our community!  Click on the tabs above for more information about all the wonderful local resources Lynchburg has for healthy choices at home, school, work, church, and everywhere in our community.   Click on the CHALLENGES button to find out about our fitness challenges to inspire your healthy lifestyle. 



September Studies show that parents can't tell how unhealthy their kids are.  Often. overweight kids tend to get taller faster, and many parents attribute the higher weight to the height.  Unfortunately, these children don't end up any taller in the end than their genes allow, they just get tall sooner, and they usually continue to be overweight. Go here to calculate your child's Body Mass Index (BMI) and know if your child is at risk.  There are many things in our society that make it easy for children to gain weight. Portion sizes are 2-5x larger than they used to be. Kids eat fewer servings of fruits and vegetables than recommended.  One third of children watch more than 3 hours of TV every day. 2/3 of high school students drink at least one soda daily.

 Childhood-ObesitySeptember is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.  One of three children in the greater Lynchburg community is overweight.  Go here to learn more from the American Heart Association.   Go here to take the American Heart Association pledge to live a heart healthy life. Go to your child's doctor for a yearly physical and ask questions about specific recommendations for your child.  We know that kids who get daily physical activity and eat healthy foods have higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems, better grades and fewer school absences.  Obese children are twice as likely to die before age 55. Obese children rate their quality of life the same as children with cancer. 

amazingmileHow do we help?  Live Healthy Lynchburg has collected nutrition resources from recipes to cooking classes to inspire your family on the EAT HEALTHY page, as well as activities from soccer to ballet to geo-caching on the PLAY HEALTHY page.  The LEARN HEALTHY page is dedicated to helping parents and teachers think outside of the bake sale for fundraisers, celebrations, and rewards. 

Is your child signed up for the Amazing Mile Children's Run on September 26th?  This great race offers opportunities for all kids to participate in either a 1/4, 1/2, or 1 mile race and to enjoy the thrill of exercise with a crowd of cheerleaders!  Start training now with short runs early in the morning or after school.

Need a wake up call? Check out the movie FED UP about the American obesity epidemic.


Back to a Healthier School!

2014schoolIt's time for a new grade and a new teacher for most kids, but this year there are new and better nutrition standards as well.  On July 1 of this year, USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards went into effect for all schools in America.  All foods sold throughout the school building in school stores, fundraisers, a la carte lines and in vending machines are now held to a higher, more nutritious standard.  We know that feeding kids healthy foods is very important to their education.  Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, higher test scores and behave better in class.  Kids themselves approve of the new healthy choices!  But schools may need support to make the necessary changes.  Here's how you can help!

Live Healthy Lynchburg has resources for teachers, parents, and PTOs to keep your students on track this year. Check out the Learn Healthy page for ideas!

Got a question about whether a food is a smart snack? Check out this Smart Snack calculator!

Need some help brainstorming a healthy fundraiser? Check out these Smart Fundraisers!

This fall, Live Healthy Lynchburg will be visiting schools to see how well these policies are implemented.  Let us know if you want to help see if our schools measure up!  Click on CONTACT US on the top right hand corner.



3rd annual 100 mile challenge!

banner_100mcWe're off and running (or walking!) with our third annual 100 mile challenge! This year, we have over 1900 people logging miles, and 200 organizations are registered!

Way to live healthy, Lynchburg!!

Never done it before? No worries! Participants are challenged to run or walk 100 miles between July 1 and September 26 … that’s just slightly over 1 mile per day. Perhaps it is your first time measuring miles- we are here to support you in as many as you can.  Perhaps you have logged 100 miles before, and now you are training for the Virginia 4 Miler and 10 Miler races in late September.   We're here for you too!  This challenge is for both individuals and for businesses.  Does your organization have enough employees to set up a friendly competition?  The rules are simple.  Miles are run or walked outside of normal business activity and (besides a treadmill) without mechanical devices (elliptical, scooter, skateboard, roller blades).  Miles logged on a treadmill DO count.

So take the first step! Register and tell a friend and then take the next steps, 2,3,4 all the way up to 100 miles. You can do it!

Wellness classes

cookIn a typical family with a busy schedule, young children, teenagers, and adults can all struggle to make healthy food choices.  Good news!  Lynchburg Dept of Parks and Recreation offers classes for the whole family to stay healthy! Most nutrition classes are FREE. Online registration is available HERE


Medical Concerns

Lack of exercise leads to life-threatening diseases including diabetes, heart disease, as well as breast and colon cancer.  A new study from a medical journal announced last week that, worldwide, nearly 30% of adults and 80% of children aren't getting enough exercise. Researchers found, the problem is worse for girls and women, who tend to be less active than boys and men.  The results are that 10% of all deaths are due to lack of exercise, this number is equal to the number of deaths due to smoking.

Need a life saver? Have you heard of Strive for Five? Active walking for 30 minutes five times a week can make a huge impact.  If just 25% adults who don't exercise would start, we could prevent more than 1.3 million deaths per year worldwide. Just start by putting one foot in front of the other.

Obesity makes it much more likely that you will develop a number of health problems. Hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression, eating disorders, and diabetes can all be serious complications of obesity. The best treatment for all these issues is weight loss. If you have certain symptoms, you need to notify your doctor.  Click here for more information.

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