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“A little sweat ain’t gonna hurt nobody…

Move your body.” -Beyonce

Adults need to be physically active for 30 minutes most days of the week; children and teenagers should be physically active for 60 minutes every day, or most days. People who exercise at least 15 minutes every day live longer.  Many of us are reluctant to exercise- but we can all make time to play! Move your body and dance your way to health.

In 2012, Forbes magazine called Lynchburg Best Place to Retire. In 2011, Lynchburg was nationally recognized as the Outstanding Runner Friendly Community by Road Runners Club of America. In 2010, National Geographic magazine listed Lynchburg as one of the Top Adventure Towns.  We live in an area with phenomenal parks, recreation, clubs and opportunities to move our bodies! Try a new one every week.


It’s often tough to get motivated to exercise…so grown-ups, channel your inner child who is never too tired to play!

Rise up climbing provides a unique way to get a full body workout in their indoor climbing facility downtown. There is instruction for beginners to advanced climbers; kids are welcome.

You can also find quality bouldering opportunities near to Lynchburg. Mcafees Knob and The Cascades are good – but for the largest established boulderfield in the state, check out Grayson Highlands State Park.



Need a Coach?

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Check out these local bike resources:

Bikes Unlimited 

Blackwater Bike Shop 

The Bike Shack at Lynchburg College is a fully-equipped, no-or-low cost community bike repair shop at Lynchburg College.  Location and hours: In the parking lot behind 335 College St. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. during the school year. Read More


We have a thriving dance community.  Look into dancing with these different groups!

Central Virginia Ballet

Dance Theatre of Lynchburg

Lynchburg Belly Dance

Seven Hills Dance

The Red Shoes – offers Ballroom, tap, hip hop and more to adults and kids!

Virginia Dance Studio

Girls on the Run!

Research shows that more than overeating, inactivity may be the key factor that leads to obesity in girls. 

If you are wondering how to get your favorite girl off the couch – let us introduce you to Girls on the Run! Read More


On the one hand, staying inside and watching TV or playing on the computer can be bad for your health – and especially your children

On the other hand, TVs and computers can help inspire your health!  Here are a few ways that new-fangled technology can help you get fit! Read More


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Karate Kids and Adults!

We have several places for Adults and Children to learn and practice martial arts – good for the body and the mind. Read More

Kids Indoor Exercise

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Lynchburg Parks & Rec

Did you know that the Lynchburg City Dept of Parks & Rec has something for everyone?Parks&Rec

Click here for ideas to inspire every age and every interest!  When it comes to recreation, the sky’s the limit.

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Athletics
  • Camps
  • Dance & Fitness
  • Enrichment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Nature & Outdoors

Our city parks are a wonderful way for individuals and families to get outside and be active. Check out what they have to offer!  Riverside Park, Peak’s View Park, Percival’s Island, and Miller Park are just a few of the city parks. Click here for a map and a more inclusive list!  New in town or just looking for a new adventure?  Check out the impressive options at Discover Lynchburg.

Ispraygroundn the summer, Miller Park Pool and the Sprayground at Riverside Park are great places to stay cool!

Check out the Naturalist program at the Nature Zone.  Plan an outdoor birthday party at a park with a picnic shelter. Take a canoe out on the James River from the city Canoe Ramp.   Connect with your neighbors at one of our seven community centers.

We live in an area that has multiple trails for hiking and biking.   Check out the mountain travel guide for inspiring outdoor adventures!   We are so lucky to live in an area with terrific trails to allow them to safely explore the great outdoors.  Be on the lookout for flowers and lightening bugs, but don’t forget to watch for snakes and (when you’re done) ticks!.  Wear sunscreen and bug spray.  Bring water.  Consider starting with short distances to accomodate little legs, and build up over time as they get stronger.  This generation of children needs reminders to unplug from their glowing rectangles, forget the ninjas and the princesses, and go get sweaty.   Looking for company?  Our own Blue Ridge Trail Runners has started a special program called Kids on Trails to get children outdoors! Events will take place every other Saturday until September.  Meet June 7th at 10am at Peaks View Park!  Parents are requested to stay with their children as they walk or run the marked trails together. There will be options for shorter  (1 mile) or longer (2 mile) distances.  Afterwards, there will be healthy snacks.  Click here to register.  Grab the family and hit the trail!

Skateboarding at Riverfront Skate Park or Liberty Skate Park is another way to get moving – don’t forget helmets and pads!




Lynchburg Legs!

Most good books make you want to curl up and read. Try this book with your family – and we hope it will make you want to get up and GO!

Lynchburg Legs is a story about a girl with a mysterious clue.  She takes a walk around downtown Lynchburg trying to solve the mystery.  The walk is 1.6 miles total and makes a loop that starts and ends at Amazement Square.

Free copies of the book are available at Amazement Square and the Downtown Market.

Go move your legs!

Take a Chill Pil-ates

What is Pilates? Read More

Roller Skating!

An adult can burn 350 calories by one hour of moderate roller skating, or 590 calories skating vigorously! It’s easy on your joints, and the whole family can have fun!

Go to to learn more about a national program to encourage fitness through skating! Go HERE to register for free passes for kids under 11 at FunQuest.

PLUS…This summer FunQuest is sponsoring Family Fun & Fitness – FREE family skating every Thursday from June 7- Aug 30th. Skate rental does cost $3. Family_Fun_&_Fitness_Summer_2012

Runners Clubs

People join running groups to meet other people, have a regular running schedule, and to help improve their accountability  – the group is expecting you!

The Y Running Group has a wide variety of people from beginners to those who have run multiple marathons.  It costs $30 for YMCA members, $40 for non-members. They do 8 weeks of training, review injury prevention tips and warm ups, and have race day coaching. Check out their Facebook page!


The Lynchburg Road Runners Club has been promoting fitness through running for over 30 years. Races, fun runs (and walks), discounts at local shops and on race entry fees, training groups, and other events help LRRC achieve this goal. Membership is open to all ages and abilities. The club is a proud member of the Road Runners Club of America and is America’s Outstanding Runner Friendly Community

Screen Time

“Tame the tube and turn on the FUN!  Go to the park!  Play a board game!  Ride a bike!  Take a walk!  Experience nature!”  Amy Splittgerber   Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina

We all love our smart phones and portable music and gaming devices. However, recent research shows us that we need to limit so-called screen time (TV, computer, video games, texting) to less than 2 hours a day. The dangers of excess screen time for kids include not only increased risk for obesity, but also increased psychological stress, regardless of levels of physical activity. Learn more. Read More


Central Virginia United is a Recreation & Travel soccer organization that offers Recreation Soccer, Academy Development Programs (U9 & U10), Competitive Travel Soccer as well as ad-hoc camps and training programs.

Lynchburg Soccer Mania has an allstar indoor soccer facility at the Thomas Indoor Soccer Center at Liberty University- it offers soccer leagues for adults as well as kids 5-18. The facility offers two 175’ x 75’ size soccer arenas with synthetic grass-like playing surface.

The YMCA also has soccer teams in the spring.  Click on the YMCA location closest to you, then scroll to Youth Sports.


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Are your kids full of acrobatic energy?

All N 2 Air is on Mill Ridge Road near 501.

Lynchburg Academy is on Memorial Avenue.

Pure Gymnastics is on Old Forest Road.



 tennisAsk any labrador retreiver, a simple tennis ball can be hours of fun.  Add a tennis racket and you can either blow off steam or really develop a skill.  Tennis is an activity that can be played for a lifetime.  Lynchburg is lucky to have several public tennis courts – at Riverside Park, Peaks View Park,  Heritage Park, Fairview Community Center, and Jefferson Park Center

The Lynchburg Tennis Patrons Association is working to expand access to tennis.

The 54th annual Central Virginia Invitation Tennis Tournament will be June 4-8th 2014.

The Sports Racket, Liberty University’s newly renovated indoor sports racket court facility is now open for public and affiliated use. The facility includes five air-conditioned indoor tennis courts, five racquetball courts and a workout room including cardio and strength-building

Boonsboro Country Club, Oakwood Country Club, and Peakland Pool & Tennis all have tennis courts available to members.

Randolph College offers Wildcat summer tennis camp for kids 6-12 (June 16-20 and 23-27 from 9a-12pm)  and 13-18 (July 21-25 from 9a-3pm).


Year Round Winter Sports!

We have two ways to keep in shape for winter sports all year round. Skiing at the unique Snowflex Centre and ice skating at the La Haye Ice Rink.  Rentals are available for both. Check the ice skating schedule here for open rink hours and prices.

At Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, you can go skiing/snowboarding/tubing year-round thanks to the synthetic terrain technology that was the first such facility in the US.

If you are a skater, check out the Lynchburg Figure Skating Club!


yogaThe American College of Sports Medicine endorses yoga as an exercise regimen with properly-trained instructors. They expound that yoga promotes “profound mental, physical and spiritual awareness.”  We are lucky to have multiple resources for yoga in our community!

Have you heard of the Hot Yoga studio downtown? Otherwise known as Bikram Yoga, this is a system of traditional hatha yoga postures. Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes long and practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity.

Another place to find your namaste downtown?  James River Yoga Studio has a variety of classes to help your body and mind!

yoga2 Congruence Yoga takes advantage of outdoor space for many classes.  Vinyasa/hatha and yin classes M-F & Sunday at 6am or 6pm.  Check the schedule to see where you can yoga!  Follow Congruence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Kidding Around Yoga with Scott is an opportunity to let your smallest yogi find namaste. Check out class schedules or consider a birthday party!

Another great resource for a rainy day with kids is Cosmic Kids Yoga online videos!

Zumba for Kids

zumbakidsDance Theatre of Lynchburg has something new and exciting! Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Jr classes specifically for kids 4-6 yrs and 7-11 yrs are rockin’, high energy dance parties with music to get children moving!  First class is free! Meets Thursdays 5:50-6:35 pm. Contact or call 434-846-6272 for more info.

Work out together!

Did you know that you are more likely to stick to your fitness goals if you have a partner?  Read More