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A healthy school environment with adequate physical activity and nutritious food is as essential to education as number 2 pencils. We know that healthy kids outperform their unhealthy peers in academics by up to 40%.  Being overweight makes a child more likely to miss school and to be bullied.  Kids that get a healthy breakfast perform better in school.  Physical activity at recess alone makes a huge impact on both classroom behavior and learning.  Parents, teachers, students, and administrators must collaborate to ensure that the school environment is healthy and sets each student up for success.  academic

We know that feeding kids healthy foods is very important to their education.  Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, higher test scores and behave better in class.

Contact us or the School Board with your thoughts or concerns.

LEARN HEALTHY resources are divided into 5 sections for easy access.

1. Teachers     2. Parents     3. School Sports     4. Lynchburg City Schools     5. Colleges


 teachersResources here include links to Virginia’s youth health activism group, Amazement Square health programs, healthy rewards, classroom activities, and health curriculum ideas. Read More


cookYour child’s success is not just up to the school. Stay involved, join forces with other parents, and talk to your child about healthy habits at home and at school.  Check out the resources at Parents for Healthy Kids! Here are a few resources to help you and your students!

1. Walking to School

2. How to pack a healthy lunch, healthy school and after-school snacks!

3. Healthy Fundraisers

4. Healthy School Celebrations

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The evidence is undeniable. Healthy kids get better grades in school.  This survey showed that students who are inactive, watch more TV, drink more soda, or have unhealthy eating habits are more likely to get Cs,Ds, and Fs.   All of our schools want to provide a healthy environment.  Lynchburg City Schools webpage has individual links to each school.  Resources here include:

1. Playworks & Recess

2. Wellness Policy

3. School Lunch

4. School Gardens

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School Sports

Fall is almost here. Have you got your physical form???  Lynchburg City Schools require a physical form be filled out by a doctor on or after May 1 of that school year in order for each athlete to safely participate.  The form can be downloaded here

It is essential that a PARENT fill out the medical history portion of the form since children are often unaware of family medical problems.

Mass screenings are not as effective in identifying potential concerns for an athlete – every child needs a medical home.  Please call your child’s doctor to get this physical done as soon as possible.  If your child does not have a primary care doctor, contact the coach or athletic director for assistance.

High school fall sports start training in the summmer.  Preseason work-outs and training for winter and spring sports is permitted – so even if your child won’t have competition until the winter or spring – you need their physical done before they can participate in preseason activities.  Call to schedule an appointment, as doctors are often unable to schedule a physical if you wait until the last minute.



Lynchburg is graced with numerous and diverse colleges – Live Healthy Lynchburg has recently invited them to collaborate through our Learn Healthy Coalition. Contact LiveHealthyLynchburg@gmail.com for more information!  This section includes links to health & wellness centers, updates on our Learn Healthy College Coalition meetings, and Dorm Room Recipes!

COVID & College –

CVCC– https://centralvirginia.edu/COVID-19

CVCC’s confirmed cases- https://centralvirginia.edu/COVID-19/Confirmed-COVID-19-Cases


Liberty University– https://www.liberty.edu/coronavirus/

LU’s Dashboard- https://www.liberty.edu/coronavirus/covid-19-dashboard/


University of Lynchburg– https://www.lynchburg.edu/about/covid-19/

UL’s confirmed cases update- https://www.lynchburg.edu/about/covid-19/confirmed-cases-of-covid-19/

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