Eat Healthy

Happy Holidays from Live Healthy Lynchburg!  Here’s a link to help keep every holiday healthy this year!

DunkThe first step towards eating healthy is to start to see food as something that can help energize you for an active day- or something that can only add to your weight problem. There are healthy foods and unhealthy foods- and lots of tools available to help you tell the difference.   Click the pic on the right to DUNK the JUNK Check out this list of Top 10 Junk foods to dunk!  Consider writing down everything you eat! Sometimes this awareness alone can lead to weight loss.

If you only click one link – the VA cooperative Extension has a great site to get you started on reading labels, shopping on a budget, healthy drinks, and more!

soda2Stick with WATER!!

To work off the 240 calories in this 20 oz soda, you would have to:

jog for 50 minutes

ride a bicycle for 73 minutes, or

walk briskly for two hours.

Click the pic to see First Lady Michelle Obama and the Miami Heat CRUNCH.heat



Eat Healthy

In February 2012, Lynchburg became a Let’s Move! City, joining hundreds of communities across the country by pledging to take steps to prevent childhood obesity and make each community healthier for everyone. Since then, you will find MyPlate posted in municipal buildings and schools to encourage healthy eating habits. My Plate is USDA tool that replaced the old food pyramid and reminds us to get variety in good proportions. Half of what you eat throughout the day should have grown in a garden.  Limit processed grains and proteins to the other half.



Feeding Babies

Breastmilk has unique qualities that positively influence lifelong health for babies (and breastfeeding is beneficial for mother’s health as well).  Breastmilk is free and always ready to serve, even if the power goes out or when you are on the go. It is clean and warm and very portable. Best of all, breastmilk provides lifelong protection from illness and disease for babies and their mothers.  We know that breastfeeding is a public health issue (like wearing seatbelts) instead of lifestyle choice (like wearing jewelry), and it is the responsibility of our whole community, not just of parents, to provide the necessary support for every mother and baby to succeed.   We are thrilled that Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital is now designated as BabyFriendly and has a unique environment to support mothers and babies be the most healthy!

Go to to learn more about a variety of local breastfeeding resources and to see local businesses that support breastfeeding. Read More

Local Resources

peasWe live in farm country – do you know how easy it is to get fresh, local food?

  • Lynchburg Downtown Community Market – Every Wednesday and Saturday morning,  13th and Main in Downtown Lynchburg.
  • Forest Library Parking lot – Saturday 8am-1pm May –October 15583 Forest Road
  • Bedford – corner of Washington and Center Streets; June-October Tuesday and Friday
  • Altavista – Trade Lot; Wed & sat; April – October
  • Buena Vista – Magnolia Parking Lot; July-Sept Wed 3p-7pm
  • Campbell County – Brookville High School; May – Oct Saturdays 8am-12pm

Click to read more about markets, Community Supported Agriculture, and our Lynchburg Area Food Council.

Read More

Local Turkey

This year, consider some options for local turkeys – great for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas feasts!  Click the link or call the number to order.

Auburnlea Farms, Gladys, VA.   434-283-8109

Mountain Run Farm, Sedalia, VA.  434-299-5193

Our Father’s Farm, Gretna, VA.    434-656-1188

Nutrition Counseling

Your doctor may refer you to a dietician who can look at what you already eat and make helpful decisions about how to help you achieve your health goals.

  • The Nutrition Department at CentraHealth is available to counsel patients on how to make good food choices.  For this service, a written order is required from your physician.  Patients (adult and pediatric) are often referred for diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, gestational diabetes, kidney problems, or eating disorders, Call the nutrition education office at (434) 200-4585 with questions
  • The Healthy Steps program offers opportunities for supervised weight management. There are Lynchburg, Altavista, Bedford, Southside, & Gretna locations
  • The Learn Program (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitudes, Relationships, Nutrition) This is a Centra Weight Management program, Wednesdays 1:15-2:30pm at the Cardiovascular Group (2410 Atherholt Rd) starting May 23! This 12 week program will help you improve your blood pressure and glucose levels by preparing healthy meals and exercising regularly. Call 200-CARE (2273) for more info or click here!
  • Consulting Dietitians in the Blue Ridge Area
  • Jenny Craig  has great online resources for patients.
  • Weight watchers has meetings in Lynchburg, Bedford, Altavista, and Madison Heights  for about $40/month but also offers great online services.  Weight Watchers is rated #1 Best Plan for weight loss by U.S. News and World Report in 2011 and 2012. BELIEVE Because It Works.

How to Feed Healthy Kids

Current data shows that 1 in 3 kids is overweight or obese. Kids are drowning in extra weight starting at a younger and younger age.  Being obese as a youth strongly predicts that they will be obese as an adult.  These numbers are staggering -and foretell that this generation will have a shorter lifespan than their parents.  Our best information shows that patterns of eating too much are established before children turn two. Children can develop adult levels of cholesterol before their second birthday.  Therefore, the burden is on our shoulders as parents to set up healthy habits from the very beginning.  We must teach our children how to eat healthy -and we all know that they will do what we do, not just what we say.  It takes creativity and consistency. Here are some resources to help us be super models!

1. Internet & Print Resources

2. Healthy Lunchboxes

3. Healthy Snacks

4. Go Green! Read More

Healthy Hydration

All year round – water is the best hydration for exercise. In the hot months, you need to drink even more to stay cool and hydrated.  

Read More

Making Eating Out Healthier

With today’s busy lifestyles, there is not always time to cook for your family. If you are having take-out night, consider the following tips to cut the calories and fat and make a healthier meal.

Read More

What’s Cooking?

cook5Americans eat fewer than 70 percent of their meals at home; but we know that people who eat more home-cooked meals are healthier. The portion sizes are more appropriate, it costs less, you can be more creative and make exactly what you like – but most people don’t cook!  Here are some resources to get you and your family back in the kitchen! Read More

Food Revolution

 Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and health campaigner.

In 2005 Jamie started a TV show in Britain called Jamie’s School Dinners.  This put a spotlight on the appalling quality of food served in school dining halls across the UK. He then started the Feed Me Better campaign to demand government intervention, funding and training to improve school food quality.

Jamie came to Huntington WV in 2010 for a reality TV show called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and again worked to reform the school lunch programs, to help families fight obesity and change their eating habits in order to live healthier and longer lives.

Watch this and you’ll never eat a nugget again.  WHAT’S IN A CHICKEN NUGGET?

Jamie continues to work to combat obesity through the promotion of cooking at home, fresh cooked meals at school, and cooking in the community.

Here’s a clip of how the Food Revolution truck taught some kids how to love salad!

Go to the Food Revolution website for more information including recipes.

Trick or Treat?

 pumpkinHalloween could be ghoulish and spooky, a chance to show off creativity through costumes and decorations, mixed with a good walk around the neighborhood. But instead it seems more and more to be focused on the CANDY.   Have you noticed that Halloween isn’t just one day of fun anymore? The holiday is now extended into over a week of decorations, costume parties and SUGAR.  How do your kids act with that sugar? Is it good for their stomachs, teeth or waistlines?  Here are some ideas to help you and your family have a healthy Halloween! Read More

Holiday Help! – Thanksgiving

 Do you think you can celebrate Thanksgiving without gaining unwanted pounds? Yes you can!   Read More

Holiday Help – Christmas!



Do you feel the cold temperatures, last minute shopping, and never-ending supply of treats are conspiring to waylay your plans to stay healthy this holiday?  Never fear – Live Healthy Lynchburg is here to light a fire under your yule log!  Keep rocking around the Christmas tree with these healthy recipes or this healthy Christmas meal planRead More

Healthy Valentines!

heartBerryWhat does your dearest love want for Valentine’s Day? Chest pain, high cholesterol, and chocolate? Most stores have large displays with tempting sugary confections, but if you want your valentine to have a healthy heart for many Februarys to come, high fructose corn syrup and fatty foods may not send the right message. Likewise, class parties now request healthy options for students.  How can you show love without adding to love handles? It can be a real challenge to think of a healthy treats for your valentines (or their entire class!)  Here are some tips to help you plan! Read More

Shake Your Shamrock

Here are some ideas to keep you and your leprechauns healthy on St. Patrick’s Day! Read More


  bunnyBrainstorming how to keep your family healthy this Easter? We’re here to help!

Consider alternative to the usual peeps and jelly beans in your basket this year.  Items made of sugar  don’t last long in your mouth, but will linger as love handles and slow your bunny down.  Check out our top 10 list:

  • jump rope

  • bubbles or stickerseaster

  • egg or chick-shaped sidewalk chalk

  • pastel hair accessories or bunny ears

  • bunny print socks or boxer shorts

  • pastel water bottlebasket

  • Beatrix Potter books or The Runaway Bunny  from Givens

  • a gift certificate to Amazement square or Play it Again Sports

  • Pastel nail polish

  • water balloons

Now get hopping!