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100 Mile Challenge

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The 100 Mile challenge is an exciting way to take your running and walking to a new level. The challenge is to run or walk 100 miles between July 1 and September 28… that’s just slightly over 1 mile per day. It’s an exciting way to integrate exercise and fitness as part of an overall healthier lifestyle, and encourage and grow participation in the Virginia 4 Miler and 10 Miler races.

Start/End Dates
July 1 – September 28, 2019

As an individual or as part of an organization.

Eligible miles:


  • Miles run or walked outside of normal business activity.
  • Miles run or walked on a treadmill.


  • Miles accrued using an elliptical machine, stair stepper, bike, scooter, skateboard, roller blades / skates, or any other machine. These all do NOT count. The only machine you can use is a treadmill.


  • Browser challenges if using older versions of Internet Explorer
    If you are using Internet Explorer 7, the registration process will not work at optimum capacity. We encourage you to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 or higher for the best experience, or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer 8, you should be able to see most of the features on the challenge dashboard page. However, you are encouraged to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 or higher for the best experience, or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • I am a company administrator but cannot see a rollup of participants and our progress.
    We would be happy to help resolve this! It’s usually a very quick fix. Please email with your name, your company name and the specific challenge you are experiencing.
  • How do I join an organization or a team?
    First, let’s explain the difference between an organization and a team. Any individual who joins the Challenge can align themselves with an organization – this may be your place of work or a community group, church group or even a family or group of friends that is participating together in the Challenge. Teams are smaller groups within an organization. So, as an example, if you work at Genworth, your organization would be Genworth, and then you may also choose to be on a team within the company; let’s say it’s the Genworth Rock Star Runners.
  • Joining an Organization
    If you have participated in one of our challenges before, you may already be aligned to an organization in your profile. Check that out and make sure it’s the organization you wish to be affiliated with. If you need to change the organization noted in your profile, click on the existing organization and a box will appear, allowing you to scroll to and select among all registered organizations. If you wish to affiliate with an organization that is not already registered in the Challenge, you may Create the organization. Many organizations are already listed – be sure to check the list before adding a new name!  Follow the steps to do that under Profile, Add New Organization. Finally, if you don’t want to affiliate yourself with an organization, you may simply choose “None.”
  • Joining a Team
    After choosing an organization, you may also select to create or join an existing team within the organization. You will see the team choices and can then click on the team name and click “Save & Update” or you may select Create Team and follow the prompts. If your organization has sent you instructions about joining preset teams – consult them before creating a new team to avoid duplication.  If you create or join a team, you will find that you have an added tab at the top right of the dashboard where you can manage your team participation and view its activity going forward. If you are the team captain, you will have additional capabilities to manage the team.
  • Do I have to enter miles every day or can I enter them once a week as a weekly total? 
    You must enter a mileage for each day on which you ran or walked. You may make entries for multiple days, but you cannot enter a weekly total.
  • I entered wrong information for a particular date. How can I correct this? 
    Simply edit your mileage for that date using the tracking tool.
  • Can I change to another team? 
    Yes, but we ask you to make the switch before August 1.
  • I no longer want to be a team captain. Can you make someone else the captain? 
    The team captain has the option when managing their team to make any member on their team the administrator by the click of a button. This is actually required if they want to change teams.
  • Due to an injury, I have to stop running. How can I get removed from my team? 
    You can select the “I do not want to be on a team anymore” options and they will be removed from the team.
  • I am leaving the challenge / I am leaving the company. How do I get removed from the challenge? Can my team keep my miles in their total? 
    You can remove yourself from the competition in your Profile section, but to remove yourself from a team, simply select “I do not want to be on a team anymore.” Keep in mind, when someone leaves a team or a company, the miles/minutes go with them!
  • I would like to continue tracking my walked miles after the Challenge. Will the site remain open or can you recommend other tracking software?
    Mileage tracking is for the fitness challenge only. However, there are many devices that you can utilize to track your miles once the Challenge is over. Many cell phones and iPods offer a pedometer and there is also a product called a FitBit. We encourage you utilize one of these methods as you continue your quest for a healthy lifestyle!
  • When will other sports be added?
    The 100 Mile Challenge has traditionally been just a running or walking challenge that helps prepare individuals to participate in the Virginia 10 & 4 Miler races.
  • Why don’t elliptical machines or swimming count?
    The 100 Mile Challenge is a run / walk challenge that has a competitive element to it. The reliability of mileage tracking elliptical machines and other mechanical devices varies so it becomes practically impossible to compare miles logged on different machines, i.e., ellipticals likely understate the mileage. We do, however, allow miles logged on a treadmill, which provides more accurate tracking.

Competitions / Awards

Individual Competitions
  • Top 3, Overall – Individuals with highest total mileage, walkers and runners
  • Top 3, Walkers – Walkers with highest total miles, not included in the Overall
  • Top 3, Runners – Runners with highest total miles, not included in the Overall

At the end of the Challenge, the individuals who win these competitions will be recognized.

Organization Competitions

There are two organization level competitions

  • Total organization mileage – Prize awarded to the organization with the highest total recorded mileage
  • Average organization mileage per participant – Prize awarded to the organization with the highest average mileage, based on total organization mileage divided by the number of organizational participants.

At the end of the Challenge, the organizations that win these competitions will be recognized.  Only organizations with 3 or more participants in the Challenge are eligible for the “Organization-Average Miles” prize.

Awards & Recognition:
The Flying Feet Award Series underwritten by Genworth recognizes individual and organizational excellence in the 100 Mile Challenge.

Individual awards– Awards will be given to the Top 3 individual participants, i.e., the three participants who complete and record the most miles during the challenge period. Additional awards will be presented to the Top 3 runners and Top 3 walkers who were not one of the top 3 overall winners.

Organization awards* – Two perpetual trophies will be used to recognize organizational excellence

  1. Highest recorded mileage for an organization
  2. Highest average mileage for an organization

The names of the winning organizations will be engraved on the trophies and the winning organizations will hold the trophy until the next round of the 100 Mile Challenge is completed.

*Only organizations with 3 or more participants in the Challenge are eligible for the “Organization-Average Miles” prize.


2019 100 Mile Challenge Team Management