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The Challenge FAQ’s

When does each challenge start and end?

The 100 Mile Challenge 2020 will be July 1st- September 26th.

How do I log in?

On the main LHL page – look at the orange rectangular box in the very top right corner.IMG_0021

Once you click on it – it will expand and allow you to log in.IMG_0022

How do I log miles?

Once you’ve logged in, you still need to select your challenge. On the lower right hand side of the screen, it says “Your Challenges.”IMG_0007

Select the appropriate challenge.  Then a calendar screen should open.

Just hover the cursor over the day that you were active, you will see a + sign on the right hand side.  Click the + and enter your miles.IMG_0001

To enter miles for a week not shown, click on the words “View Full Calendar” on the upper right hand corner of the calendar.IMG_0005

I entered wrong information (duplicate data or incorrect data) for a particular date. How can I correct this?

Sometimes if you hit the enter button too quickly, it will double log your miles. No worries! You can fix it by clicking the edit button on the left/white triangle on the appropriate date.

To edit days before the beginning of the current week, click the View Calendar button at the top right hand corner of the week.IMG_0306

Do I have to enter miles every day or can I enter them once a week as a weekly total? 

Our calendar requires you to enter miles on a single day.  If you don’t have time each day to enter your miles, no problem! You can wait until the end of the week to enter your miles. We’d prefer you to enter miles that you ran or walked on each day to be accurate – but you could enter your weekly total on a single day if you prefer!

I forgot my username or want to change it!

Click the reset username button. IMG_0304

I forgot my password or want to change it!

Click the orange reset password button on the right hand side of the screen.  You can use the same password multiple times.

How do I…?

  • Delete account

Click on Profile on the top menu bar – just to the left of the orange Logout button.strive

  • Change email or password

Click on Profile on the top menu bar – just to the left of the orange Logout button.  Then click on “Email & Password” on the left menu bar

  • Switch organization or team

Click on Profile on the top menu bar – just to the left of the orange Logout button.

  • How many organizations are there?

To see how many organizations there are – go to the the lower lefthand side of the calendar screen- “Want to see the full leaderboard? Click Here.”

On the leaderboard –  you can scroll to see an up-to-date list of all the organizations participating in the challenge.

I am leaving the challenge / I am leaving the company. How do I get removed from the challenge? Can my team/company keep my miles in their total?

You can remove yourself from the competition in your Profile section, but to remove yourself  from a team, simply select “I do not want to be on a team anymore.”  Keep in mind, when you leave a team or a company, the miles/minutes go with you!

I would like to continue tracking my walked miles after the Challenge. Will the site remain open or can you recommend other tracking software?

Mileage tracking is for the fitness challenge only. However, there are many devices that you can utilize to track your miles once the Challenge is over.  Many cell phones and iPods offer a pedometer and there is also a product called a FitBit.  We encourage you utilize one of these methods as you continue your quest for a healthy lifestyle!

100 Mile Challenge

Can I change to another team? 

Yes, but we ask you to make the switch before August 1.

I no longer want to be a team captain. Can you make someone else the captain?

If you are team captain, you have the option when managing your team to make any member on your team the captain by the click of a button. This is actually required if you want to change teams and are the team captain.

Due to an injury, I have to stop running. How can I get removed from my team?

You can select the “I do not want to be on a team anymore” option and you will be removed from the team

When will other sports be added?

The Strive for 5 Challenge incorporates other activities.  The 100 Mile challenge is a run/walk challenge that maintains the momentum from the Strive for 5 as well as helps prepare individuals to participate in the Genworth Virginia 10 Miler races.

Why don’t elliptical machines or swimming count?

The 100 Mile Challenge is a run / walk challenge that has a competitive element to it.  The reliability of mileage tracking elliptical machines and other mechanical devices varies so it becomes practically impossible to compare miles logged on different machines, i.e.,  ellipticals likely understate the mileage.


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