Starting a health ministry:

While the Pray Healthy faith communities and many others have already embraced the concept that making the connection between faith and health, others may be wondering how to get started. Here are some suggestions and resources:

  1. Contact Ruth Syre, RN, Congregational Health Coordinator at Centra: This program provides guidance and support.
  2. Talk to folks from the Pray Healthy partner faith communities. Ask them what they are doing, how did they get started, how is it going?
  3. Look around at other programs/resources. Here are a few:

This is a video from Max Lucado, on behalf of a program in Florida. It is Christian, but the principles may be applicable in many faith traditions.

 This resource is geared toward African-American churches. The practices are applicable for most faith community gatherings.

 This is a multi-faceted program promoted at the state level.




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