Play Healthy

Work out together!

Did you know that you are more likely to stick to your fitness goals if you have a partner? 

Why get a workout BFF? Depending on your relationship and fitness levels, you can enjoy support, motivation, and even a little healthy competition! Exercise partners can help keep you accountable and motivated even when things get tough.  You can even take turns being the motivator, if one of you gets discouraged.  You are less likely to skip a gym date when you know your partner will be waiting!  Exercising with one or more partners can also help you maintain higher intensity which means your heart rate will be higher and you will burn more calories!  Here is a link to a fantastic article that illustrates that power of exercising with a friend! 

Check out the buddy work out at Fitness Magazine or  Can you and your partner handle the Ultimate Marine Corps Combat Fitness Buddy Workout!  The Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club has hikes scheduled 3-5 days each week. Get out there with like-minded people and enjoy the beautiful hills and breathtaking Blue Ridge mountains. 

And if your schedule doesn’t jive with a friend, don’t forget another workout buddy that can inspire you – music!  Studies show that music, especially if it fits the cadence of your activity (running, cycling, aerobics) creates a higher intensity workout. One more idea – Do you think working out with your spouse would be good for your marriage?  You are 7x more likely to stick to an exercise plan if your partner is your spouse!



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