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 tennisAsk any labrador retreiver, a simple tennis ball can be hours of fun.  Add a tennis racket and you can either blow off steam or really develop a skill.  Tennis is an activity that can be played for a lifetime.  Lynchburg is lucky to have several public tennis courts – at Riverside Park, Peaks View Park,  Heritage Park, Fairview Community Center, and Jefferson Park Center

The Lynchburg Tennis Patrons Association is working to expand access to tennis.

The 54th annual Central Virginia Invitation Tennis Tournament will be June 4-8th 2014.

The Sports Racket, Liberty University’s newly renovated indoor sports racket court facility is now open for public and affiliated use. The facility includes five air-conditioned indoor tennis courts, five racquetball courts and a workout room including cardio and strength-building

Boonsboro Country Club, Oakwood Country Club, and Peakland Pool & Tennis all have tennis courts available to members.

Randolph College offers Wildcat summer tennis camp for kids 6-12 (June 16-20 and 23-27 from 9a-12pm)  and 13-18 (July 21-25 from 9a-3pm).


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