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It’s not just about looking good in that suit. Swimming has great health benefits; it uses all your major muscle groups while it strengthens your heart and lungs. Swimming is just as good as land-based exercises to help you get fit.  When you swim breaststroke or backstroke, you’re burning about the same number of calories as a fast walk or a slow jog. Walking in the pool, playing a game, even just playing with the family is a great way to stay active on a hot summer day!

One warning: cold temperatures can increase hunger. (Think about why the movie theaters crank the AC – more money from snacks!)  Swimming in a cold pool may make you eat more than you burned!  Be sure to hydrate after a swim with water and warm up before you snack.

Boonsboro Country Club

Camp Kum-Ba-Yah

Elon Community Pool

Farmington Clubhouse Forest

Forest Lakes Pool

Hill City Swim & Tennis

Miller Park Pool

Oakwood Country Club

Peakland Pool

Rainbow Forest Pool

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