Play Healthy


On the one hand, staying inside and watching TV or playing on the computer can be bad for your health – and especially your children!

On the other hand, TVs and computers can help inspire your health!  Here are a few ways that new-fangled technology can help you get fit!

The fit bit is a tiny computer and pedometer that is small enough to wear, and smart enough to calculate miles walked, stairs climbed, and even your sleep patterns!

Here’s a list of best fitness gadgets.

Here are a few healthy apps for KIDS for nutrition: Awesome eats, Munch5aday, smash your food, work it off, eat-o-matic, time to eat, Order Up.


and a few for activity: Yoga by teens, Monumental, I am Love, Super Stretch Yoga, Iron Kids

Chef Solus Meal games include fun options to learn about MyPlate and even handwashing!

Here are a few apps for adults: MapMyRun, Calorie Tracker, Lose It!, Weight Watchers mobile

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