Play Healthy


On the one hand, staying inside and watching TV or playing on the computer can be bad for your health – and especially your children

On the other hand, TVs and computers can help inspire your health!  Here are a few ways that new-fangled technology can help you get fit!

The fit bit is a tiny computer and pedometer that is small enough to wear, and smart enough to calculate miles walked, stairs climbed, and even your sleep patterns!

Here’s the list from Squidoo of best fitness gadgets. is having a contest to promote technology and health- check out this entry and others for more ideas!

Here are a few healthy apps for KIDS for nutrition: Awesome eats, Munch5aday, smash your food, work it off, eat-o-matic, time to eat, Order Up.

Pick Chow lets kids build a plate and see how it measures up!  Chef Solus Meal games include fun options to learn about MyPlate and even handwashing!

and a few for activity: Yoga by teens, Monumental, I am Love, Super Stretch Yoga, Iron Kids

Bodimojo and Wake My Mojo combine nutrition and exercise education for teens in a tailored way.

Here are a few apps for adults: MapMyRun, Calorie Tracker, Lose It!, Weight Watchers mobile

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