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vax5When we think about the health of any one person, we know that it is both affected by and affects the people around him or her.  Vaccines are an especially important tool for the health of our community, from the newest infant to the most seasoned retiree, and especially for all the thumb-sucking, hand-washing-averse toddlers, school-aged kids, and teenagers in between.  Herd immunity is only as effective as the herd maintains vaccine rates above 80%.  The very young and those citizens with compromised immune systems depend on us to keep them safe.  Vaccines help keep us all protected against serious disease.

vax2We recommend that all infants be vaccinated according to the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule.

We recommend that all adults be vaccinated.  Family and caregivers of small children should especially keep up with yearly flu vaccines, Pertussis boosters (combined with Tetanus shots), and any necessary vaccines associated with travelling outside the U.S.

While there is an excess of unscientific and speculative opinion on vaccines available on the Internet, here are some qualified resources if you have questions about vaccines:,, and



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