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Tobacco & Vaping

Tobacco is a very addictive and very dangerous. Smoking tobacco harms every organ in your body and can lead to cancer in your mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, skin, kidneys, bladder, and colon. Smoking can lead to a stroke which injures your brain in a way that can make it difficult or impossible for you to walk, talk, work, or play. Tobacco – in cigarettes or smokeless tobacco – leads to heart attacks and death.

Nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patch, spray, lozenges) can help addicts quit by up to 100%, but only 1 in 5 smokers who are trying to quit use these therapies. For many, cost is the reason.  But if you count up how much money you spend on tobacco, you could save money in just one year by quitting! Much of the damage done by tobacco can be reversed by quitting! The Virginia Quit Line is open 24 hour to help you take the first step! Local resources include: Horizon Behavioral Health, Allergy Partners, East West Accupuncture

Vaping is not safer for your lungs and can often lead to tobacco use. For more information on vaping, check out VAPING 101.

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