Live Healthy

Getting Healthy!

IMG_6058Many people know that they need to make changes to get healthy, but they don’t know how to get started. We are lucky to have multiple options to help get you started.

  • Healthy Families Clinic
    Centra Medical Group has taken the latest research and created a multidisciplinary team for families with multiple members who are overweight.  Clients begin with a comprehensive assessment by a psychiatrist, dietician, physical therapist, and a physician.  This 6 month program at the downtown YMCA will require weekly visits.  Call 200-6370 to learn more!
  • The NEW Program (Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Management) This is a Centra Weight Management program at the Jamerson YMCA with new dates posted here! This 8 week program will help you improve your blood pressure and glucose levels by preparing healthy meals and exercising regularly. Call 239-9335 for more info!
  • Shapedown is an established program sponsored by Centra and located at the Jamerson Family YMCA. The emphasis is on family-centered interventions with education about the food pyramid and exercise, with special attention on parenting skills and strategies as well as confidence- building and developing responsibility in the child.  Mary Bice, R.N. is special trained in clinical education in child and adolescent obesity to be the Shapedown provider. There is a sliding- scale for fees such that all patients should be encouraged to apply regardless of income.  Referrals can be made or patients can call directly the Healthy Living Center at the Jamerson Family YMCA. (434) 237-8163.
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