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Bariatric Surgery

When diet and exercise haven’t succeeded or when serious health problems due to excess weight exist, many people consider weight loss surgery – called bariatric surgery – which changes the digestive system to help people lose weight by limiting how much one can eat. These surgeries are complicated and may have significant risks associated.

Usually, before bariatric surgery for adults is considered, the patient must have a minimum body mass index (BMI) of 40  (this means about 80-100 pounds or more above ideal body weight) OR a BMI of 35, along with other major medical conditions (such as heart disease, Type II diabetes, degenerative joint disease or obstructive sleep apnea) AND the patient has been unable to lose weight and keep it off.  Want to check your BMI? Click here

Pediatric bariatric surgery has even more strict requirements.  The adolescent must have documented 6 months of organized weight loss attempts without success.  Also, the BMI must be greater than 40, the child must have mature bones (generally 13 years of age for girls and 15 years of age for boys), and he or she must have other medical problems related to obesity.

Local resources for bariatric surgery:

Centra Weight Loss Services: Dr. Josh Alley (Surgery) & Dr Mike Jones (Medicine)  434.200.3901 WATCH THIS FIRST

UVA Adults: Dr. Bruce Schirmer (434)924-2104 or (434)924-9954

Carilion Roanoke – Medical Weight lossBariatric Surgery (540)224-5170 or (877)827-2836

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