How is Lynchburg like the USA Women’s Gymnastics team?

letsmovecityAnswer: We both have 5 GOLD MEDALS!!! 

gymnastsgoldI don’t know if you know, but Lynchburg is kind of a big deal!  Let’s Move is the national campaign against childhood obesity.  We became a Let’s Move city in 2012. Let’s Move Cities, Towns and Counties sets out evidence-based, measurable goals for localities to foster health in their citizens.  For each goal, a community can achieve a bronze, silver, or gold medal.  As of the summer of 2016, Lynchburg has racked up 5, count ’em 5! GOLD medals.  This puts us in an elite group of ALL-STARS who have met this special challenge; there are only 78 communities in the entire US who have 5 GOLD MEDALS!  We want to thank all our partners, but especially the Central Virginia Health District, the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, and Centra Congregational Health.  

In 2016, as the representative of the Let’s Move Cities initiative, we were also invited to send two special citizens to the First Lady’s last harvest of the White House garden with help from retired NBA basketball player Alonzo Mourning, NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren, and Sesame Street characters!!harvest harvest2016

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