February is Heart Month!

Roses are red, violets are blue, candy is boring, but fruit is good for you!

Every Valentines Day we are surrounded by cheap bulk candy, but the best way to show your beloved that you adore them is with food that actually makes their heart beat better!  (We also recommend handmade cards and poems!) Whether you are planning a party for kindergarteners or making a special treat for your grandparents, there are plenty of healthy options with the color red!

For the month of February, we can celebrate heart health by thinking about what our hearts need. Healthy foods and lots of exercise! Can you commit to eating better this month? Consider stocking up on frozen and canned fruits to avoid the stress of fresh fruit going bad. Can you commit to moving more this month? Consider taking a few laps at the mall or checking out the swimming pool at the YMCA? Your heart deserves it!

Go here for more ideas for HEALTHY VALENTINES!

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