8th annual 100 mile challenge!

We did it!  The 8th annual 100 mile challenge is over and hundreds of you completed 100 miles! We are so proud of all of you – and hope that the habit of walking or running sticks with you this fall, winter, and spring! Congratulations to those of you who logged more than 100, Congratulations to those of you who logged one more mile than last year! Special shout outs to these organizations: 

For most miles total: Centra, City of Lynchburg, Moore& Giles, Liberty, Central Virginia Health District!

For most miles per participant: JCrew, Horizon, Fleet, Delta Star, Virginia A&E!

If you enjoyed the challenge and want to do it again – let your employer know! If you noted glitches and want to help us fix them – ask your employer to donate to us! If you have specific feedback – email us at LiveHealthyLynchburg@gmail.com

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