Eat Healthy

What’s Cooking?

Every summer the Downtown Community Market offers a free nutrition education program “We Got the Beet!

Americans eat fewer than 70 percent of their meals at home; but we know that people who eat more home-cooked meals are healthier. The portion sizes are more appropriate, it costs less, you can be more creative and make exactly what you like – but most people don’t cook!  Here are some resources to get you and your family back in the kitchen!

Centra Virginia Community College offers an extensive Culinary Arts program.

Lynchburg Parks & Recreation offers cooking classes! Click here

Pharsalia. Nelson County

Smith Mountain Lake International Cooking School: Chef Mantana Heim. Smith Mountain Lake.


Still not sure where to start? One blog called “100 days of real food” offers 5 different practical menu plans for a whole week, including a budget. Another set of menus can be found here. Still at a loss?  Check out the First Lady’s favorite recipes as part of the second anniversary of MyPlate on Pinterest.

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