Eat Healthy

Holiday Help! – Thanksgiving

 Do you think you can celebrate Thanksgiving without gaining unwanted pounds? Yes you can!  

Thanksgiving can feel like an unavoidable event where you will overeat. But with a little preparation – it can actually be a great time for the whole family to commit to healthy habits that can last through the next month of holiday gatherings!

Start your day with some activity.  Lynchburg has its annual Turkey Trot downtown! It’s a family friendly event and a great way to get your metabolic rate revving! Out of town? Google to find if there is a similar event where you are!

You may want to plan a family activity around the weather. If there will be sunshine and decent temperatures, taking a walk in the Old City cemetery can be a great way to remember family members no longer here.  Get on bikes and hit the trail.  Raining? Hit the roller skating rink or the bowling alley!

If possible, plan your meal for midday or midafternoon so that you have more time after the meal to burn calories. Use myplate when planning the menu to help balance your turkey (protein) with fruits and vegetables and grains.  If you are having a family gathering, encourage everyone to bring a different kind of salad! Try and make dessert something small – cookies or small cupcakes are easier portions to control than cakes or pies.

After your family meal, take the kids to the playground or go for a walk in the neighborhood. Let us know if you have other ideas to share for a healthy Thanksgiving!


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