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Holiday Help – Christmas!



Do you feel the cold temperatures, last minute shopping, and never-ending supply of treats are conspiring to waylay your plans to stay healthy this holiday?  Never fear – Live Healthy Lynchburg is here to light a fire under your yule log!  Keep rocking around the Christmas tree with these healthy recipes or this healthy Christmas meal plan

A Christmas feast should still include delicious vegetables and fruits, lean meats and whole grains.  Try and balance the candy canes and Christmas cookies with some special Christmas activities like walking down the street singing carols, going ice skating, or dressing up like Santa and going for a Jingle Bell Run at Riverside Runners!    This 25 in 25 challenge was intended for December but could put some va-va-voom into your vacation days!  Still looking for gifts for friends and family who want to live healthy?  Check out these lists of 100 healthy gifts or 50 healthy gifts under $5.  You better not cry, you better not pout! Live Healthy Lynchburg is here to help you out!













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