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Healthy Valentines!

heartBerryWhat does your dearest love want for Valentine’s Day? Chest pain, high cholesterol, and chocolate? Most stores have large displays with tempting sugary confections, but if you want your valentine to have a healthy heart for many Februarys to come, high fructose corn syrup and fatty foods may not send the right message. Likewise, class parties now request healthy options for students.  How can you show love without adding to love handles? It can be a real challenge to think of a healthy treats for your valentines (or their entire class!)  Here are some tips to help you plan!


  • Heart shaped pasta (Trader Joes) with marinara sauce
  • Mini pizzas: Buy pre-made pizza dough (located in the refrigerated section of your grocery store) or make homemade pizza dough. Roll the dough out and use heart shaped cookie cutters to make hearts out of the dough.  Top the mini pizza’s with sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese.  Bake & serve. Check out this version.
  • Sandwich: Make a strawberry jelly & low fat cream cheese sandwich on wheat bread -use heart shaped cookie cutter.Roll up: have children spread jelly & low fat cream cheese on tortilla. Roll up and eat or have kids cut into slices first.
  • Heart shaped grilled cheese in tomato soup
  • Heart shaped french toast with strawberries
  • Heart shaped hard boiled eggs on a salad



  • Red Jello with low fat whipped cream on top
  • Red or pink colored popcorn
  • White chocolate chips (flat side out) inside raspberries

Valentines Punch – 1 quart Cranberry juice plus 2 quarts seltzer water, fresh raspberries


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