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Food Revolution

 Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and health campaigner.

In 2005 Jamie started a TV show in Britain called Jamie’s School Dinners.  This put a spotlight on the appalling quality of food served in school dining halls across the UK. He then started the Feed Me Better campaign to demand government intervention, funding and training to improve school food quality.

Jamie came to Huntington WV in 2010 for a reality TV show called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and again worked to reform the school lunch programs, to help families fight obesity and change their eating habits in order to live healthier and longer lives.

Watch this and you’ll never eat a nugget again.  WHAT’S IN A CHICKEN NUGGET?

Jamie continues to work to combat obesity through the promotion of cooking at home, fresh cooked meals at school, and cooking in the community.

Here’s a clip of how the Food Revolution truck taught some kids how to love salad!

Go to the Food Revolution website for more information including recipes.

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