Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy – Getting started!

No more food pyramid! The latest tool to help you improve your nutrition includes My Plate.

My Plate is the newest tool from the USDA to help you make smart food choices. It replaces the old food pyramid – it is more simple and colorful – and reminds us to get variety in good proportions. Half your food for one meal or half of what you eat throughout the day should be something that grew in a garden.  Limit processed grains and proteins to the other half.

calorieCalorie counters can be extremely helpful for patients who are trying to watch what they eat. Many have information about brand name foods as well as foods served at restaurants.

These are both available free of charge on the Internet.

The Daily Plate

The Calorie Counter

Fast food has become part of our daily lives – but the food served does not meet our daily nutritional needs.  Click here for information about what you eat when you eat “junk” food (if junk food is the opposite of health food – shouldn’t we call it sick food?)


We often overestimate the amount of food that we need, which can put us on the fast track to obesity.

Did you know that using a smaller plate is an easy way to help you feel more full?  Family-style bowls of food on the table encourage seconds and thirds; fill your plate before you sit down instead.

Check out this video on how parents’ can help kids make better choices about portion control.plate

Check out plates that help show how to control portions – like this.

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