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Added Sugar?

sugar The word “sugar” can mean different things.  There are two main types of carbohydrates  – simple sugars (fructose from fruit, lactose in milk, and sucrose in powdered sugar – so some are good and some need to be limited!)  or starches/complex sugars (found in potatoes, rice, bread, cereal).   We need carbohydrates, but we need to make healthy choices. has this tip: Adults should limit added sugar to about 25g (women) or 37g (men) per day. Preschoolers should limit added sugar to about 16g per day.  Elementary school aged kids are growing more, and need to limit sugar to only 12.5 g per day.  Pre-teens and teenagers can handle a little more, but 20-30g per day is plenty. Do you know where sugar is hiding?

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You can measure how much sugar you put in your coffee, but do you know how much sugar is hidden in the average soda? Do you measure how much sugar is in the drinks you give your children?  We know that sugar tastes good, but if you don’t burn the calories from sugar, it turns into fat.  It can be all too simple to underestimate the amount of sugar you drink, because these drinks don’t make you feel full.  If anything, sweet drinks make you feel more hungry and more thirsty.  Even 100% juice drinks are too sweet with about 120 calories per 8 oz cup.  A whole fruit and a glass of water will help hydrate you and make you feel appropriately full! 

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation teamed up with Brita USA to help you see how much sugar is hiding in your beverages! Just one sugary drink a day can add up; over a year it can equal 10 pounds of weight gain. Cut out those sugary drinks and you could lose 10 pounds, and save a pound of money too!

So hit the water fountain, bring a water bottle, and actually quench your thirst!  sugarlowdown

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